Quality policy

The quality policy of logi.cals is defined by the management and aims at increasing customer satisfaction and continuously improving it in the sense of a process-oriented quality management system according to ÖNORM EN ISO 9001:2015.

It is therefore also the stated corporate goal to develop customer-oriented products which strengthen the company's market position and increase its own market share compared to the competition.

For the implementation a Quality Manager has been appointed by the management. His task is to ensure and maintain the implementation of the necessary processes, to document the performance and the possibilities for improving the quality management system and to push the relevant quality awareness of the company.
Qualification, motivation and the physical and mental health of our employees are the decisive basis on which logi.cals is able to provide the desired services. Therefore, ensuring and promoting these factors is a central aspect of our quality policy.

The effectiveness, the conformity with logi.cals quality policy and the continuous quality management system adequacy are regularly evaluated by the members of the management and used to control the quality policy.

Essential elements of product safety and reliability as well as safety at work and environmental protection are considered decisive.

Commitment to quality policy

logi.cals GmbH is committed to a continuous improvement process as well as the compliance with quality processes, legal regulations and the fulfilment of customer requirements.

The management promotes and underlines its employees to implement quality policy and quality objectives as well as to continuously improve processes and customer satisfaction according to the QM system outlined in the QM manual.

The management committed itself to provide all measures and resources necessary for the implementation of its quality policy.